Exploring Post Human-Centered Design

14.06.20201 min read
As part of our Bachelors Thesis, we wanted to explore the possibilities of a new design practice: One that accounts for the complex, intransparent and entangled realities we live in.

The earth, populated by humans and animals, plants and microorganisms, is entering a new age: The Anthropocene. As a geochronological epoch, it describes how man became the central influence on geological and ecological processes. This becomes tangible, for example, in the consequences of the current climate emergency. But also in the self-conception of mankind, which is reflected in design practice: Human-Centered Design represents the users - it considers them as individuals, but does ignore many which are not directly concerned.

The goal of this research is to analyze the theoretical and practical foundations and applications of existing approaches to post human-centered design in order to develop a possible interface definition and design approach for practical use. For this purpose we have addressed the research question: If there will be a post human-centered design, what will this mean for the future of designers and the design of interfaces?

You can read the full paper (at this time in German only) here: Entangled Interfaces (pdf)