Minimized Reality
Concept, Development, Animation Design, Technical Realisation
Audiovisual Installation

Minimized Reality

A construction of modern technology, luminous screens on steles. In the dark room, however, they suddenly appear mystical and magical like an old stone circle, familiar and eerie at the same time.

A early rendering of the installation.

For the biennial exhibition Luminale in Frankfurt and Offenbach, an audiovisual installation was created while interning at Sensory Minds.

Several displays form a semicircle. The installation is accompanied by several, diverse soundscapes. Based on the sound environment, animations are played, which lead the visitors into an abstract but immersive world.

I took part in the conception and build a framework for MIDI controlled animations in processing. Based on the framework, i created multiple animations for the installation, based on the sounds provided by Mainakkustik.

Sadly, it could not be exhibited as it took place while the COVID-19 lockdown.